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Copenhagen is a 16/4 supima cotton warp handdyed in skeins in a range cream to rose, soft gold, turquoise, silver, brown, green, and cream with lots of tangerine, rust, and silver speckles. This piece is 4m plus a twisted fringe. The weft is SilverSpun, a tussah silk blended with a bit of cotton and a ply of real silver - a great 'memory foam' feel on the shoulders. The weft is handdyed earthy browns, greys, a hint of green and gold, and random speckles. The special thing about this piece: triangular clasping bordered by handspun on one tail + throughout the piece! The other tail has a sloping color block of dark, cool green SilverSpun bordered by a fluffy rose & green handspun inlay. Truly a unique piece of art!

COPENHAGEN BABY WRAP 4m / SilverSpun weft

  • Handwash as needed in cold water with little agitation. Steam iron on low heat. No bleach!

  • Please note online orders may only be cancelled before shipping labels are printed and a 10% restocking fee will apply to all cancellations.

    When considering buying from OoLaLoom, keep in mind we are primarily a one-woman show with day-to-day operations happening at our studio in New York. We have one studio assistant and two contract weavers working from home in other states. Our goal is to produce quality handdyed, handwoven, functional, beautiful textiles and our process consists of many steps that are done entirely by hand. As such, expect your textile to contain signs of the hand such as visible bobbin changes, imperfections in the selvage or fringe, cosmetic mends of knots or skips, minor bleeding during washing, etc. Signs of the hand are not errors or flaws and will not be accepted as reason for returns or partials refunds. In the event of a minor flaw that does not compromise safety or integrity of the fabric such as a broken thread, knot, or skipped thread we will cover the cost of shipping to New York and repair the flaw in a timely manner at no cost to the customer. We do not offer returns or refunds for minor flaws in our handmade textiles. We do not offer returns or refunds of customized textiles or any product sold in person.

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