This scarf is a half supima, half suvin cotton warp with a mulberry silk weft dyed a stony blue grey, woven in a huck lace. Blocks of a cream, taupe, and grey weft are woven on each tail, finished with about five inches of loose fringe. This scarf has a soft, drapey, elegant feel. Approximately 12.5 inches wide x 80 inches long.


  • handwash in room temperature water, air dry

  • Refund & return policy: When considering buying from OoLaLoom, keep in mind we are primarily a one-woman show with day-to-day operations happening at our studio in New York. We have one studio assistant and two contract weavers working from home in other states. Our goal is to produce quality handdyed, handwoven, functional, beautiful textiles and our process consists of many steps that are done entirely by hand. As such, expect your textile to contain signs of the hand such as visible bobbin changes, imperfections in the selvage or fringe, cosmetic mends of knots or skips, minor bleeding during washing, etc. Signs of the hand are not errors or flaws and will not be accepted as reason for returns or partials refunds. In the event of a minor flaw that does not compromise safety or integrity of the fabric such as a broken thread, knot, or skipped thread we will cover the cost of shipping to New York and repair the flaw in a timely manner at no cost to the customer. We do not offer returns or refunds for minor flaws in our handmade textiles. We do not offer returns or refunds of customized textiles or any product sold in person.

    Tula scrap: we weave as much extra length of our Tula warps as possible to try to fill everyone's needs, however, we are a very small business and can only keep so much product on the shelves at one time. Therefore scrap is limited to a half meter per person and will be sold on a first come first served basis according to requests sent to the OoLaLoom page. Scrap will only be held for one hour. We are humans like you - bullying, violating the 'no fishing' rule, or denigrating us or other customers over Tula scrap may result in a ban.

    Shipping: to ensure a safe delivery, we only ship USPS priority with tracking and signature confirmation in a medium flat rate box (scrap pieces may be shipped in envelopes). We will only ship to the address the customer chooses to enter on the paid PayPal invoice. Full value is declared on customs forms when shipping internationally and we are not responsible for taxes or duties incurred upon delivery. Please check your local laws if you are outside the US. We cannot offer any returns or refunds if a package is missing after confirmed delivered.